Aparajita looks for Chavi while Veer goes to meet him: Main Hoon Aparajita
Aparajita looks for Chavi while Veer goes to meet him: Main Hoon Aparajita

Aparajita's sindur is attempted to be removed by Disha by claiming that she is unworthy of wearing it and that sakshat means nothing to them. She is halted by Aparajita, who explains that her sindur represents her connection to the house. Disha points out that the relationship she has with Akshay, for which she endures taunts daily, is also symbolised by her sindur. Disha then goes to remove it, but Amma intervenes and stops her.

Disha informs Akshay that he should know to them all, he is dead and of no use. Amma requests that she not discusses his passing. Disha is asked to leave by Aparajita, who does so angrily. After returning home, Mohini and Akshay begin to argue. Asha and Disha are watching. Perhaps one day Akshay and Aparajita will be together because God himself had tied them together, according to Amma.

Aparajita is unsure of how to tell Amma that she no longer needs Akshay in her life and is over him. Disha plays a video of Akshay allegedly kicking Aparajita and them out of the house, but Chavi doesn't buy it and walks away. Akshay tries to stop Mohini as she packs her suitcase. Even though she is his wife, she becomes upset with him for giving the rights to Aparajita. He requests that she stay put. As they argue, Asha and Disha find it amusing. Chavi drives over to meet Veer. She is innocent, he says, according to her. She begs him to stop driving because she feels bad about meeting him without first telling Aparajita. Chavi is not present when Aparajita visits the dry cleaners. Veer's car is in her path as she searches for her out of worry, but she doesn't see Chavi as she passes. In spite of Mohini's belief that her argument with Akshay is unimportant, the results will matter greatly to her.

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