Apart from Payment, WhatsApp will add some special features

Jun 25 2019 11:12 AM
Apart from Payment, WhatsApp will add some special features

The world's most popular instant messaging app is all set to launch a host of new features to improve WhatsApp's experience. The company will soon introduce 4 new features on its platform. In terms of app popularity, its subscribers have grown to more than 1.5 billion. This includes features such as hiding online status and money transactions, including dark mode. These features will improve the user experience.

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A low strain on users' eyes will be followed by Dark mode on WhatsApp. This mode will be more useful at night. Under this feature, the battery of the phone will also cost less. Currently, this feature is not made available on the company's platform. But soon it is being made available on the platform. The Online Status Hide company is soon set to introduce a new feature on its platform that will allow users to hide their online status. This feature will allow people to have complete control over their last scene, read and receipt status.

Many books are provided with WhatsApp information on Amazon. If users on WhatsApp share photos with their friends. So sharing a photo on it automatically reduces the resolution of the photo, thereby reducing the quality of the photo. Large-sized photo sharing will be allowed without reducing the resolution to overcome this problem. WhatsApp Pay can contact Reserve Bank of India for fresh approval by July this year, fulfilling the need to store user payment data in India. The RBI issued a circular on April 6, 2018, saying that all system providers must store data on payment systems in India with full end-to-end transaction details. WhatsApp will contact RBI in July, according to the latest information revealed. Earlier, it would meet the need to store user payment data in India. The company is expected to launch the service in India afterward.

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