Apple Alerts Users in India and 91 Other Countries of "Spyware" Threat
Apple Alerts Users in India and 91 Other Countries of

Apple is set to notify its users in India and 91 other nations about a potential attack by "mercenary spyware," a report revealed. The tech giant issued warnings regarding the sophisticated nature of such attacks, notably involving tools like Pegasus from the NSO Group, which go beyond typical cybercriminal activities.

According to the warning emails sent by Apple, these attacks aim to unlawfully access users' devices. The notifications indicate that certain users are being targeted for their identity or profession, with Apple expressing high confidence in the validity of these warnings.

In response to the threat, Apple has updated its support page to provide guidance for potential targets of the spyware attack, offering assistance to affected users. This marks the second wave of notifications sent globally, with the previous round issued in October 2023, alerting users in various countries, including India, about state-sponsored attacks.

The company emphasizes the significant resources deployed by state-sponsored attackers to target specific individuals, making detection and prevention challenging. Despite these efforts, Apple refrains from disclosing detailed information about the attackers to avoid aiding them in evading detection in the future.

Earelier, both Apple and Google issued warnings to users worldwide, including in India, regarding potential compromises to their devices due to attacks involving Pegasus, a spyware developed by the Israeli firm NSO.

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