Apple launches new iPads, lower cost TV box
Apple launches new iPads, lower cost TV box

United States: As it anticipates another record-breaking holiday quarter, Apple Inc. makes its first redesigned entry in five years with a new, faster Pro model and less expensive TV set-top box has announced.

The entry-level iPad is getting a new design and a new charging port, while the most recent iPad Pro now has the same M2 chip that's in recent Mac computers, the company said in a series of online announcements on Tuesday. In contrast, the new Apple TV models cost less and have more storage.

The revisions help revive the stuff that's often eclipsed by Apple's iPhone, the business's top revenue generator. The iPad, which accounts for about 9% of the tech giant's revenue, experienced a resurgence in the early stages of the pandemic but was also plagued by supply shortages.

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About 11% of the company's revenue was generated by its home products, which are a subset of a division that also includes speakers, smartwatches and Apple TV set-top boxes.

Apple is forecast to generate more than $128 billion in revenue in the December quarter, a nearly 4% increase from a year ago. Although the growth has been less rapid than in the recent holiday season, the company is still dealing with slow consumer spending, inflationary pressures and fears of a recession.

According to Bloomberg News, Apple originally planned to increase iPhone production this year to keep up with demand, but has since withdrew those plans.

As reported on Tuesday, Apple is reportedly reevaluating demand for the iPhone Plus, a new model with a bigger screen but lacking the features of the iPhone 14 Pro or Pro Max.
In New York, as of 3:15 p.m., Apple shares fell 0.3% to US$141.95.

The new products released on Tuesday could encourage customers to upgrade or buy more expensive models. The new iPad Pro and Apple TV are the first updates for those products in a year and a half.

The entry-level iPad has received a complete revamp of the US$120 price tag, with a minor update in September 2021.
Although the Apple TV box remains a key component of the company's living-room strategy, Inc. And Google's less expensive competitors have taken its place from Alphabet Inc.

eMarketer Inc. US According to recent data from the U.S., the device only represents about 5% of the market.

Apple first released the iPad Pro in 2015, aiming to make an attractive laptop option. The Magic Keyboard has a built-in track pad, and is available from Cupertino, a California-based company.

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Additionally, it has created a multitasking interface called Stage Manager, although the initial response to that function has been muted.

The new iPad Pro looks exactly the same as the models unveiled in 2021, 2020 and 2018. The M2 chip is the primary modification. Apple claims that the new model is 15% faster than the M1 version and is still available in 11-inch and 12.9-inch sizes.

Additionally, the new iPad Pro gets faster Wi-Fi and an Apple Pencil feature that enables the stylus to be operated by hovering over the screen without touching it. Additionally supported is the more sophisticated ProRes video recording format.

This year's iPad Pro is likely to be the least significant upgrade since the original release seven years ago. Apple is maintaining similar pricing and storage options. The 12.9-inch model is priced at US$1,099, while the 11-inch model will cost US$799.

With the biggest screen, 2 terabytes of storage and 5G connectivity, the cost could go up to US$2,399.

The entry-level iPad will soon undergo more significant changes. The new design of the device matches the flat edges of the iPad Pro, iPad Air and iPad mini. The entry-level model now has a USB-C connector in place of the Lightning port for the first time.

The action will streamline Apple's iPad connector strategy, speed up data transfers and meet an imminent deadline.

The price of the new entry-level iPad has increased today to US$449 from the previous model's US$329 price. To give customers a more affordable option, Apple is keeping last year's US$329 model in light of the higher price tag.

The business also released a new Magic Keyboard Folio that adds a function row to the accessory's kickstand as well as music, brightness, and other features for US$250. Products Microsoft Corp. K is equal to what Surface devices have to offer.

The new model also adds the A14 Bionic chip, moves the front-facing camera to the horizontal side of the device, and comes in blue and yellow colours. The new iPads will be available for pre-order starting Tuesday, with delivery scheduled for October 26.

Unexpectedly, the new Pro models lack an upgraded keyboard attachment and a horizontally positioned camera, which are frequent requests from customers. 

Only the original Apple Pencil from 2015, which charges via a Lightning connector, is supported by the new entry-level model. Given that the new iPad has a USB-C port rather than a Lightning port, that was an unfortunate choice. 

Therefore, in order to charge the Apple Pencil with the new tablet, users will need to purchase a $9 dongle.

When the pandemic compelled people to spruce up their home offices, the iPad was a top seller for Apple. That aided in extending a recovery for a product whose sales had slowed in the second half of the 2010s.

The new Apple TV is now offered in two versions: a US$129 model that only supports wireless connections and a US$149 model with an Ethernet port for wired connections. 

The Wi-fi-only model has 64 GB of storage, while the higher-end model has 128 GB, which is twice as much as any Apple TV has ever offered.

The A15 chip in both of the new Apple TVs replaces the A12 in the outgoing model. The Siri Remote that comes with the Apple TV has also been upgraded by Apple to use a USB-C port for charging rather than a Lightning port. 

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The Apple TV HD, a previous model that didn't support 4K video and cost $99, has been retired in favour of the more recent models, which have better high-dynamic-range video.

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