Apple will launch its online store in India on this day

Sep 18 2020 02:30 PM
Apple will launch its online store in India on this day

There has been a discussion for a long time that Apple is planning to open its online store in the Indian market. There is good news for the Indian consumer that the company has announced to open an online store on September 23, after which consumers will be able to purchase the device from the direct company store instead of a third party. Whereas, Apple's devices in the country have to be purchased from third-party retailer stores and online portals such as Amazon and Flipkart.

But now Apple has officially announced that the online store will be launched on September 23 in the country. For the first time, the customer will get all Apple products direct across the country. The new online store will provide customers with the same premium experience found in Apple stores around the world, provided by members of the online team.

Customers will not only be able to purchase all Apple products at the same online store, but they will also have access to Apple Specialists, who can guide users during the purchase of a product. Customers will be able to get guidance from Direct Apple, which includes online support in English and phone support in Hindi and English. Meaning if you use online support, here you will get all the information in the English language. While on a phone call you can get guidance in both English and Hindi languages.

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