Archit Kumar: A Rising Name In The Digital Marketing Scene Of India

Archit Kumar is a digital marketing entrepreneur and expert who is the founder of 'architdigital.' He is known as one of the youngest and most talented people to have made a mark in the digital marketing field of India.

Archit Kumar was born on the first of November in the year 1999. He belongs to the city of Madhubani in the state of Bihar. Archit Kumar has completed his BCom degree from the RK College in Madhubani. From a very early age, Archit Kumar saw himself getting drawn to the internet and its ways. Digital platforms interested him and made him curious about the methods and processes that go behind the marketing of a brand or product online. To obtain first hand knowledge and experience in the field, Archit Kumar started freelancing and providing digital services to clients. While he was still a beginner, he promised himself that he would be a quick learner.

The result of being extremely adaptive and understanding of the digital world is that Archit Kumar came up with 'architdigital' while still in college. 'Architdigital' is a digital marketing service provider that offers a host of digital tools and techniques including website creation, search engine optimization for websites, blogs and handles, brand building, press release, social media management and online marketing.

As of today, Archit Kumar's 'architdigital' has garnered a clientele consisting of numerous top Bollywood and social media celebrities, artists, national and international brands, businessmen and industrialists. His clients are of the opinion that Archit Kumar delivers exactly what is asked from him and consistently maintains a world-class standard of quality and authenticity throughout the project.

It goes without saying that Archit Kumar is expanding internationally and is emerging as one of the top players in digital marketing and online brand building strategy.

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