Are the aliens about to visit China?

An extremely strange incident took place in China, recently.

We have been questioning the existence of the Aliens for a long time. Scientists have at times confirmed certain evidences that hinted towards the existence of the Aliens.

Well, recently, in the Chongqing area of China, the residents observed an unusual lightning in the sky. They informed that it all felt like something which arrived from outside the world. The people of Chongqing have been referring to it as a UFO.

Some people captured videos of the incident. The videos and pictures of the UFO have been trending greatly on the Chinese social media.

Well the experts have speculated it to be a ‘rocket zooming into the atmosphere'. 

Weibo is a popular Social networking site operated in China, just like Twitter.A lot videos and pictures regarding the same incident went viral on the Weibo.

A user called wangshuashuadishua asserted that it all appeared as if a man was making smoke rings while walking in the sky.

Some users felt like the users were about to land in China.

There were also some of the people who claimed to have witnessed a similar process in the cities of Shanghai and Xinjiang.

Well, the Chinese authorities have kept quiet on the matter. 

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