Are V & Jennie really dating? New pics come to surface, see pic
Are V & Jennie really dating? New pics come to surface, see pic

The focus of BTS and BLACKPINK’s fans' attention for the past several days has been shared by BTS member V and BLACKPINK member Jennie. Since a few months ago, the K-pop artists have been the subject of relationship rumours, which are always being fueled by new alleged images of them together that keep appearing online.

According to reports, a fresh leaked photo has surfaced online, and the ARMYs and BLINKs are once more using their sleuthing abilities to determine whether it is real. V from BTS and Jennie from BLACKPINK can be seen taking a selfie in a fresh image released on August 28 by the same Twitter account that has previously been linked to dating rumours.

This time, the two are dressed alike in black and white Winnie the Pooh couple T-shirts. They are concealed by masks, a bucket hat on Jennie's head, and a baseball cap on V's head. Check out the photo that the BLACKPINK member is said to have taken.

The accusations of their romance and the recent update with this photo have received no response as of yet from either of the artist's agencies. The authenticity of the aforementioned selfie is unknown, much like that of the earlier photos that were shared with the fans, many of whom think that the stars were subjected to expert editing techniques to combine them.

Prior to now, YG Entertainment's response to the rumours was to declare that they had no further comment and that their next response would depend on BLACKPINK's continued abroad schedule. BigHit MUSIC has not yet commented on the situation. For their respective schedules, the two are currently in the US.

Are Jennie and V really dating? 

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