Lockdown: This institution is eradicating hunger of 1200 people every day

At present, the entire world is lockdown due to the global epidemic coronavirus. During this time, the Adage Moi Foundation is distributing food and medicines daily to the distressed and needy, keeping in mind the social distancing. People's business is closed due to lockdown. Working people are at home, many of them are very worried about food and medicine. Such needy and distressed people are given medicine and cooked food and other relief material by the vehicle of the institution. This cycle will continue as long as the lock down is on. It is worth noting that film actress Arpita Mali has donated one and a half lakh rupees to the organization Adage Moi Foundation. So that relief materials can be delivered to poor and needy people.

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Brijbhan Singh Yadav is the President of Adage Moi Foundation. The general secretary is Sanjay Srivastava and treasurer Arpita Mali. People associated with the Adège Moi Foundation previously used self-help. The concept of establishing Adage Moi Foundation after registration is ready to help in the following areas. Such as locating the needy in the medical field, contacting patients and taking them to the nearest hospital and providing treatment. To help those people who have any disease by detecting it. Development of online center library cum coaching center for every stream under knowledge of education in rural area. Arrangement of shelter and food for the needy. The vision of the organization is to reach every person who is in need.

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Unfortunately, to prevent the coronavirus epidemic from spreading to India, the government has been helping people in the following ways under the campaign called Adage Moi Foundation HELP HUMAN FIGHT COVID-19 to prevent the coronavirus from spreading.

1. To deliver cooked food on daily basis to 1200 people daily.

2. Providing Medical Assistance (Telephone consultation with doctors is done by contacting people and prescribed medicines are provided.) Even some people send leaflets to the institution's WhatsApp number and send them there Medicines are delivered.

3. Helping in motherhood (Mothers of newborns are provided with milk and food with high nutrient content, so that they can get enough milk from there.)

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4. The institution is in contact with 40 headmen of 40 villages. In case of any need in the rural area, people of the institution will stand there.

5. Mask, soap and sanitizer delivery activities are carried out regularly.

6. Awareness campaign about Coronavirus is also going on through physical medium and online medium.

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