'Vande Mataram' creator's death anniversary today, know some interesting things related to him
'Vande Mataram' creator's death anniversary today, know some interesting things related to him

New Delhi: Today is the death anniversary of legendary poet and journalist Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyay. Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyay (Chatterjee) was a highly respected litterateur of Bengali. Banga Bhoomi gave him a literary, and linguistic richness as well as a sensitive vision, which enabled him to create works that were considered symbols not only of Bengali but of the entire Indian identity. Many people also called him Bankim Babu. He was not only a renowned novelist, poet, prose and journalist of Bengali, but his writings had a wide impact on other languages as well. At the same time, even today among the Indian masses, he is known as the author of 'Vande Mataram,' which has a reputation as the national song.

The song 'Vande Mataram' was a source of inspiration for the revolutionaries during the Indian freedom struggle movement and even today nationalists are proud of it. Raja Rammohan Roy, Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar, Swami Ramakrishna Paramhansa, Pyarichand Mitra, Michael Madhusudan Dutt, Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyay and Thakur Rabindranath Tagore, Vivekananda, Dayanand Saraswati, etc., had done a unique job for the upliftment of Bengali society, literature and culture and this affected the linguistic prosperity of the entire country. Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyay was born into a rich, but traditional Bengali family in a village called Kanthalpara in the North 24 Parganas district of West Bengal.

He completed his early education in Medinipur and then took admission in Mohsin College in Hooghly. By the way, Bankim Chandra Chatterjee was interested in books since his childhood and was initially attracted to the Anglo language, he said that his interest in English ended when his English teacher scolded him badly. After this, he started to apply devotion to his mother tongue. He held the post of deputy magistrate. He wrote several novels including Kapalkundla in 1866, Mrinalini in 1869, Vishriksha in 1873, Chandrasekhar in 1877, Rajni in 1877, Raj Singh in 1881 and Devi Chaudhurani in 1884. Apart from this, he had also written texts like 'Sitaram,' 'Kamala Kanter Dauptar,' 'Krishna Kanter Will,' 'Vigyan Rahasya,' 'Lokrahasya,' 'Dharmatattva.' Today he is not in this world but people like his works very much.

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