Pramod Mahajan was shot dead by his own brother, today is his death anniversary
Pramod Mahajan was shot dead by his own brother, today is his death anniversary

New Delhi:  It was a fateful morning of 22 April 2006. Pramod Mahajan was at his home only. That day, he had a fight with his brother Praveen on some issue. The argument lasted for 15 minutes and his younger brother Praveen Mahajan shot at him shortly after. It is difficult to say what was the matter in this quarrel of 15 minutes that the matter reached till firing.

In the discussions on BJP, the party's veteran leader Amit Shah is given the status of 'Chanakya'. In the era of Atal-Advani BJP, this title of 'Chanakya' has been given to Pramod Venkatesh Mahajan, a veteran leader of the party. Today (May 3) is the death anniversary of Pramod Mahajan. Pramod Mahajan, who was the victim of his real brother's bullets, broke away from this world on May 3, 2006. His bloody end is a face of the dark side of Indian politics. Suddenly no one believes that a leader with such a huge personality was put to death by his own brother. Not everyone may be comfortable discussing this. Don't know how many human qualities and demerits are hidden behind which like conspiracy, competition, jealousy of progress.

Pramod Mahajan, who appears in newspapers and magazines with his big smile, accepts this charge to some extent. When he was accused of being short-tempered in the famous television show 'Aapki Adalat', he said, "If you allege that I am short-tempered, or that I get angry quickly, then I understand that yes, it is my fault." Yes, many times I try to reduce this defect, but sometimes it emerges. Pramod Mahajan further explains in the interview that he is not of an angry nature. He says, “I have a son, I have a daughter, a few days ago my daughter had a son, I have become a maternal grandfather, I feel that I have not raised my hands on my children till date, once I took my elder son. I had failed in eighth grade, so I was slapped, and today whenever I look back and remember, tears come to my eyes. That should not have slapped. Because it seems to me that we hit children because they cannot hit us. Whenever there is some mistake, it should be explained, so I raised my hand with my children, never beat them, got a little angry. But never touched." 

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