World Contraception Day: Know its history and importance

World Contraception Day is celebrated every year on September 26 to raise awareness about contraception and to increase people's awareness of their sexual health and family planning. The day was celebrated on September 26, 2007. Special events are organized on this day to provide sexual health awareness and accurate information about it to the younger generation in many countries of the world. Population control is also aimed at celebrating Contraception Day. Speaking of India, people living in cities and rural areas are made aware of contraception with the help of NGOs and hospitals on World Contraception Day.

History of World Contraception Day: World Contraception Day is a campaign aimed at raising public awareness of contraception and spreading information about various birth control options to people. It is an annual worldwide campaign, which was launched in 2007, then the day has been celebrated on September 26 every year.

Importance of World Contraception Day: Contraception plays an important role in sexual health and family planning. Which has many benefits of using it such as preventing unwanted pregnancies and also plays an important role in population control. On this day, the work of making newly married couples and others aware of contraceptives is done. World Contraception Day is supported by a coalition of 15 international NGOs, government organizations and scientific and medical societies with the interest of spreading the right knowledge about sexual and reproductive health.

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