World Deaf and Dumb Day today, find out what its purpose and history is

World Deaf Day is celebrated on 26th September every year but is currently more known as World Deaf and dumb Week. It is celebrated only in the last week of September. The World Deaf Association established the World Deaf Day in 1958. On this day, awareness was created among the people about the social, economic and political rights of the deaf as well as their usefulness in the society and the country.

Purpose of Deaf Day: The purpose of Deaf Day, which is now being celebrated as a week, is to strengthen the feelings of a healthy life, self-esteem, dignity among the deaf. Not only that, one of its objectives is to draw attention to the ability, achievement, etc., of the general public and the concerned power to the deaf. It appreciates and displays the work done by the deaf. Let us tell you that many organizations like schools, colleges, other institutions have to raise awareness among the people for deafness. Many events are organized which relate to the problems of the deaf etc.

Communication Problem: Although sign language has existed for thousands of years, communicating with ordinary people in this language still amounts to a challenge. Both study and teaching of this language are necessary so that they can communicate. There is no doubt that the deaf are many more intelligent than ordinary people.

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