Artificial pearl can damage your luck; while real pearl has prosperity affects if wear as….

Apr 09 2019 12:55 PM
Artificial pearl can damage your luck; while real pearl has prosperity affects if wear as….

Pearl is auspicious gemstone which is held by many people. Pearl has been considered as the moon of the moon, and by holding it you get the blessings of the moon God. The person holding a pearl gets a lot of progress in life and he is always happy. So you can wear true pearls if you wish. However, nowadays fake pearls are sold in shops, so be careful while purchasing true pearls and only buy real pearls.

How to identify True Pearls-

Does not break

Artificial white pearl can easily broken. To find out whether a pearl is real or fake, you press that pearl with your teeth. If the pearl does not break by pressing, then understand that the pearl is real. If these pearls are broken by teeth, then they are fake pearls.

No shine

The real pearl never glows down. Even if you like to rub this Pearl too much. To identify the true pearl, you rub the pearl with some cloth. If rubbing increases the speed of the pearl rather than decreasing, then understand that the pearl you have is a true pearl.

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How to Hold True Pearls -

Before wearing the true pearl, you worship Him well and only after that it will wear it. You can wear true pearls by putting them in a silver ring or locket. Before wearing a pearl, put it in milk and water and put it in the temple of the house. Then hold it on by worshiping it. The day on which the pearl should be held is determined according to your horoscope. Therefore, you should show your horoscope to a pundit and worship the pearl on the day mentioned by Pandit, and keep him. By the way, it is usually best to hold the pearl on the first Monday of the shukla side and it is best to wear it in the smallest finger of the hand directly.

Life can change as soon as true pearls are held

When you take a true pearl, then it starts to have auspicious effect on your life. All tensions are eliminated from life. Your face is lively all the time and you get a chain-filled sleep. Together, life begins to grow in life. If all these changes occur in your life after wearing a pearl, then understand that the pearl that you have embellished is a true pearl.

Damage to wearing fake pearls

If you wear fake pearls then your life begins to suffer. Due to fake pearls you may have to face poverty. Together it proves harmful to health. Those people who have fake pearls become heart-related diseases. So do not ever wear fake pearls or true pearls in which they are stained or they are broken.

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