'Kejriwal will be the PM in 2024..,' know who predicted this?
'Kejriwal will be the PM in 2024..,' know who predicted this?

New Delhi: A one-day special session of the Delhi Assembly witnessed fierce politics. From CM Arvind Kejriwal to ministers in his government, they lashed out at the ruling BJP at the Centre. Delhi Cabinet Minister Gopal Rai also surrounded the BJP and said that the BJP may arrest all our ministers and MLAs, and Arvind Kejriwal should also be arrested. Yet in 2024, Arvind Kejriwal will become the Prime Minister. You won't be able to stop him.

He alleged that the more the BJP clashes with CM Kejriwal and AAP and the more lies they tell, the more their graves will be dug. Gopal Rai further said that whether we should remain MLA or minister or not. Even if our government goes, we will live and die for our country. He said that the Anna movement was born out of the womb of corruption and when efforts were made to crush the movement, the Aam Aadmi Party was born from the womb of the movement. The first time we won 28 seats and there was an attempt to buy us, then we came after winning 68 seats.

He further said that the more we were harassed, the more we worked. He said that I think Modiji must have done a survey that what was the effect on the people of the country of the people who have been telling lies for these seven days. These people must have done a real survey in Gujarat that what is the effect on the people there. Gopal Rai alleged that the people of the BJP were unable to tell lies, and then the education minister of the country was compelled to come forward. This is a victory for the work of the Delhi government.

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