Arvind Panagariya Advocates Lateral Entry as Solution to Bureaucratic Reform
Arvind Panagariya Advocates Lateral Entry as Solution to Bureaucratic Reform

Former Niti Aayog Vice Chairperson Arvind Panagariya stated that the prevailing tendency within the Indian bureaucracy has often been to impede change. However, he acknowledged the presence of some highly competent officers within the bureaucracy, without whom many reforms would not have been possible.

Speaking at the 4th Columbia India Summit hosted by Columbia University in New York, Panagariya responded to a question He emphasized the difficulty in overhauling the entire bureaucratic system, suggesting that lateral entry might be one approach to address the issue, albeit a challenging one. Panagariya highlighted that despite attempts at introducing reforms by the present government, the deeply ingrained socialist philosophy, particularly nurtured during the Nehru era, has posed significant obstacles to change. He noted that this philosophy has influenced not only the bureaucracy but also other spheres such as politics, academia, and economics.

Panagariya served as Niti Aayog's Vice Chairperson from January 2015 to August 2017. His insights shed light on the challenges and opportunities for reform within the Indian bureaucracy and broader economic policy landscape.

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