As a singer, Rahul Singla has been taking the music scene by storm.

He has been giving it his all with his incredible tracks and making people sway to his tunes.

Enough has already been spoken about several talented individuals and professionals across fields of the world. Still, it feels a lot more discussions are needed around them to know more of their journeys and the paths they chose to reach the success they have achieved today. The music industry of the world, especially in India, keep welcoming newer talents consistently. However, only a few rare gems go ahead in making their name count in the ever-evolving and competitive industry. As a young virtuoso, one such name that has been making all the noise for all the right reasons is Rahul Singla.

This young Indian musical talent has spellbound audiences with his mesmerizing voice, making them fall in love with his songs. Becoming an ace singer at such a young age and going ahead in impressing a mammoth of audiences and listeners was no walk in the park for him, but he went all in and kept hustling, only to emerge as one of the finest talents in the industry. He says that most of the industries today overflow with many youngsters. However, to be able to create one’s unique niche in their respective industry is not something people have attained overnight, but it is their hard work and a never-give-up attitude that has helped many of them to stay ahead of others and reach the pinnacle of success.

Rahul Singla’s track “Ishq”has gone ahead in giving him incredible success and a unique identity in the music world. It is interesting to know that Rahul Singla has also been an Indian model who has showcased his prowess working with many brands across industries. As a singer, he has proved his mettle in the music scene, which has thrust him forward and helped him gain phenomenal success.

We can’t wait to listen to him more in the coming years. Till then, follow him on Instagram @itsavik to know more.

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