Ashok Leyland launched 14-wheeler AVTR 4120 heavy truck in India, know what special in this

Mar 26 2021 05:47 PM
Ashok Leyland launched 14-wheeler AVTR 4120 heavy truck in India, know what special in this

Ashok Leyland launched heavy weight vehicle in India. It is said that this is India’s’s first 4-axle 8x2 DTLA truck. With 14-wheeler AVTR 4120 in heavy weight vehicle that has a capacity of 40.5tonne Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW). Not only this for additional support this new truck offers an additional 5-ton payload compared to standard 8x2 trucks with better TCO. This new truck will operate at 40.5-ton with the lift axle down and at 28-ton with the lift axle up during light load/partial load/return empty.

Company spokeperson, Vipin Sondhi, MD, Ashok Leyland said, “Ashok Leyland has always been ahead of the curve and leads the CV industry in terms of innovation. Our endeavor has always been to address the needs of our customers and deliver better profitability for them and AVTR 4120 is one step towards this offering the customer flexibility.”

Here it is needed to mention that with better tyre life AVTR 4120 is comes into market. Not only this it  is fitted with 12.5-tonne dual-tyre-lift-axle (DTLA) with parallelogram technology. Along with this the iGen6 technology offers improved power, performance, and fluid efficiency. The 14-wheeler truck is built on the latest AVTR modular truck platform, offering the flexibility of multiple cab options such as N Cab, U cab, M cab. However, the N cabin offers a suspended cab with dampers, a suspended driver seat, an anti-roll bar in the front, ample storage spaces, full metal front fascia, music system, AC & HVAC options. For more support, 24x7 customer assistance Uptime Solution Centre and service mandi network available.

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