Big decision of BJP government, 'All madrasas will be closed from November'
Big decision of BJP government, 'All madrasas will be closed from November'

Guwahati: The state government has taken a big decision in Assam. While making the announcement in the government, Himanta Biswa Sharma said that all the government madrasas of the state will be closed. He said that there is no provision for giving religious education with public money, so government madrasas will not run now. Notification of this order will be issued next month.

Talking to presspersons in Guwahati, Sharma has said, 'no religious education institution will be run from government funds. We are going to release its notification number and it will be implemented immediately. We cannot say anything about the operation of private madrasas.' On this statement of the Assam government, the head of AIUDF and Lok Sabha MP Badruddin Ajmal said that if the BJP's state government stops the government madrasas, then their government will start it again. Assembly elections are due in the state next year. If his party comes with a majority, they will reopen all the government-shuttered madrasas.

Earlier in February, Himanta announced that the government is not only preparing to shut down state-run madrasas but also government Sanskrit schools will be closed. He later gave clarification on this and said that government funds cannot be spent for any religious education in a secular country. Now on Thursday, the minister said that the issue of Sanskrit education is different.

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