Europe crosses the mark of 1Lakh cases; UN warns

Europe is surging in cases day by day. The World Health Organization has declared a new daily record high in the cases of coronavirus confirmed worldwide, with over 350,000 infections reported to the UN health agency on Friday. The new daily high of 3,50,766 cases surpasses a record set earlier this week by nearly 12,000. That tally includes more than 1,09,000 cases from Europe alone. In a press briefing on Friday, WHO emergencies chief Dr. Michael Ryan admitted that even as COVID-19 proceeds to surge across the world, “there are no new answers.”

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He further states that although the agency wants nations to withdraw the punishing lockdowns that have desolated economies, authorities must assure the most helpless people are preserved and numerous steps must be taken. “The majority of people in the world are still susceptible to this disease,” Ryan warned. As the virus proceeds to rise across Europe and elsewhere, Ryan confirmed that limiting measures might be warranted at some point.

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British scientists announced this week that the COVID-19 brawl is doubling every few weeks, French hospitals are running out of ICU beds, Germany may enlist the army to help contain its outbreak and Spain declared a state of emergency in Madrid as coronavirus cases soar. Globally, more than 36 million cases of COVID-19 have been reported, including more than 1 million deaths. Experts say the tally far underestimates the real number of cases and Ryan said on Monday that the WHO’s “best estimates” were that one in 10 people worldwide or roughly 760 million people may have been infected.

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