Find out what is 'Population Army'? Assam to work in Muslim dominated areas

Guwahati: Assam CM Himanta Biswa Sarma has already expressed how serious he is about population control. Now, a Population Army will be set up in the state soon. The Population Army will distribute birth control pills in Muslim-dominated areas of the state and also make people aware of the benefits of birth control. This information was given by CM Sarma in the Assam Assembly. Expressing concern over the population explosion in the central and western areas of the state on Monday, he said that a strong population army of 1000 youth in Char Chapori areas of Assam (coastal area of Brahmaputra and its allied rivers, spread over 3608 square kilometres), will create awareness about population control and 'birth control' and take over the distribution of contraceptives.

Tell you that this flood-affected area with a Muslim-dominated population is 4.6 percent of the area of Assam, where illiteracy is an important problem along with population explosion. CM Sarma gave the figures saying that while the population growth rate of Hindus in the state was 10 per cent between 2001-11, the figure was 29 per cent in the case of Muslims, that is, approximately three times. He gave examples of how population control has improved the lives of Hindus in the state and maintains good houses and cars.

CM Sarma further said that along with other factors, it is amazing to control the population that the children of Hindus are becoming doctors and engineers. He said the people of Upper Assam cannot understand the difficulties faced by the central and western parts due to the population explosion. Talking about education, health, elimination of child marriage, and financial assistance, he said that the issue of population control should be kept away from politics and a real solution should be found.

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