Assam: Man arrested in Nagaon for selling fake currency notes
Assam: Man arrested in Nagaon for selling fake currency notes

Guwahati: A man from the Rupahihat area of the district was detained by the Nagaon Police for attempting to sell bogus notes. According to police sources, the suspect, named as Khursed Alom, is a Bihpuria resident in Lakhimpur.

He was nabbed after receiving information about a suspected Fake Indian Currency Notes transaction in the region. "The thug, Khurshed Alom ok s from Mornoi Gaon, Bihpuria in Lakhimpur and he was caught for attempting to sell bogus money displayed as a package of Rs 500 Bundles," a police source said of the incident.

The cops went on to say that he was a member of a group that was recently busted with a fake note-making machine. Customers' greed will be used to deceive them. Only six printed notes and plain white papers were found in the seized bundle.

These bundles are shown to unsuspecting customers by photo or video, and they are then asked to pay in Original currency notes. The gang will escape once the customer has paid the sum. Customers have no right to protest because they are engaging in illegal activity.

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