Ather's first family scooter will be revealed on April 6, pre-booking starts
Ather's first family scooter will be revealed on April 6, pre-booking starts

Ather Energy, an Indian electric scooter manufacturer, is gearing up to introduce its latest scooter model to the market. Ather is set to unveil its second model lineup, with the grand reveal of the new electric scooter scheduled for April 6, 2024. The company has also commenced pre-booking for this eagerly awaited addition to its lineup.

Building Trust: "Rista" Aims to Win Over Consumers

Tarun Mehta, the CEO of Ather Energy, claims that the new model, named "Rista," will prioritize comfort and safety for riders. Mehta revealed that Ather's team has been diligently working on this model since 2019. He further emphasized that Ather Energy aims to maintain the same quality and trust that consumers have come to associate with Ather and its products.

Features of Ather Rista

The upcoming electric scooter from Ather is expected to boast several impressive features. It will feature an under-seat storage compartment, allowing riders to store their essentials conveniently. This storage space can accommodate items such as groceries, lunch boxes, and even a helmet.

Additionally, the scooter will come equipped with an additional storage compartment near the seat, suitable for storing smaller items like purses or miscellaneous belongings. The Rista may also include a touchscreen interface, providing access to features such as Google Maps alongside essential instruments.

Further details regarding the features of this new Ather model are expected to be revealed closer to the unveiling date.

Built on a New Platform

Rista, part of the brand new 450 series platform, offers a fresh take on Ather's lineup. This model, slightly larger than the 450 series, features telescopic front forks, a wide front tire, and an even wider rear tire. The scooter is expected to incorporate full LED lighting throughout its design.

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