Careful! New viruses becoming a threat to people after Pegasus

Another spying software after Pegasus, Hermit, has been the subject of discussions these days. It is being said that this spyware has also targeted android devices as well as iPhones. However, these targeted devices have just been found in Italy and Kazakhstan. Hermit spyware is built in the Italian vendor RCS Lab. This has been first reported by the researcher of cybersecurity firm Lookout. After which Google's Threat Analysis Group shared all the details through a blog post.

What is Hermit Spyware?: Hermit spyware is a spying software just like Pegasus. These will be able to record the audio of the phone after being installed on the device. Along with this it can make unauthorized calls and is also performing other unauthorized activities.

Lookout says about this that this spyware also steals much information from users such as email details, contacts, browser bookmarks, and calendar events. They will be able to steal the information of the device as well as capture photos on the device. The report also says that through this, an app has also started to be downloaded and installed on the targeted device.

This spyware can upload files from the device as well as read notifications and record the screen. It can get data by reinstalling apps like WhatsApp and Telegram.  

Spyware such as Hermit or Pegasus is very expensive to operate. According to Google, a unique link has been sent to The Victim's phone to install Hermit. When the user clicks on this link, this app starts installing on the phone. Google has also criticized such surveillance tools in blog posts. Using these tools, the government keeps an eye on journalists, human rights workers and the opportion party. However, according to a report by news agency Reuters, RCS Labs has denied being involved in any such wrongdoing.  

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