Audi e-Tron Electric may launch in India in 2021

Oct 17 2020 01:43 PM
Audi e-Tron Electric may launch in India in 2021

Audi e-Tron could hit Indian market at some points with the company and India chief Balbir Singh Dhillon in 2021, and are confirming that the carmaker is keeping all its options open. E-Tron is an all-electric offering already available in several international markets, with 17,641 units sold in the first half of 2020, a testament to Audi's resolve to create recognition in the world of electric mobility.

E-Tron is providing Audi a platform to launch the EV in several markets as it plans to roll out 20 fully battery-powered models by 2025. A day before the launch of the Q2 SUV, Dhillon said, "All our options are open. We are considering bringing in e-Tron sometime in 2021." "The current situation at the grassroots level for EVs is being closely monitored and both government and private players have a part to play in this regard," Dhillon added. 

The Audi Mulling e-Tron for India was probably launched by Mercedes Driving at the EQC here last week, making its first all-electric offering. The company said it felt that the market was ready and customers deserved the option to have an all-electric offer.

Clearly, focusing on EVs in the luxury space can catch pace and bringing such products through the CBU (fully manufactured unit) route means closely calculating units of different models - in which the government provision allows each carmaker as long as the model receives certificates from the EUROPEAN Union or Japan, by then a total of 2,500 cars can be imported and sold to undergo the process to meet local regulatory requirements, this can be the beginning of bigger and better things.

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