Internet runs at 44.2Tbps speed, Australia sets record

May 23 2020 06:45 PM
Internet runs at 44.2Tbps speed, Australia sets record

Till now you are using internet in Gbps, but soon you will get internet speed in Tbps. Australia has set a new record by running the Internet at a speed of 44.2Tbps. Researchers at Monash, Swineburne and RMIT Universities of Australia have achieved the fastest internet speed at 44.2Tbps (Terabyte / s). At this speed, 1000 HD movies can be downloaded in a blink of an eye.

You can download more than 50 100 GB BluRay movies in just a second. Researchers said that they got this speed using a device that converts about 80 lasers present in the telecom hardware into a device called Micro Comb. Researchers have not yet said anything about using it commercially, but it is possible that someday you can use internet at a speed of 44.2Tbps.

earlier in the year 2019, an adult website claimed to run the internet at a speed of 11 petabytes per second. The average speed of internet in India is 25-50Mbps and in Singapore the maximum speed of internet is 193Mbps. Talking about the fastest internet providers, Google Fiber has a speed of 1,000 Mbps, while Verizon has 940 Mbps, RCN has 1,000 Mbps and Xfinity. Internet speed is 2000 Mbps.

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