Personal data of 40 million users of this app stolen
Personal data of 40 million users of this app stolen

Today hacking incidents have increased significantly compared to five years ago. Reports of Facebook data leaks keep coming up every day. Now reports of data leaks of such an app have come out which are completely different. A hacker has stolen the data of 40 million users of Wishbone. Wishbone is voting on which people give their opinion about two products. Wishbone's leaked 40 million data are being sold on many hacking forums that are priced.

The data being sold also includes information on user name, e-mail, phone number, country/state/city and password. Hackers claim that the password is kept in SHA1 format, while ZDNet's handheld sample According to the password is in MD5 format. MD5 is the weakest format of the password. In this format, the password remains a simple text. The linked data includes the user's profile URL, poll history. The hacker claims to have stolen data in January of this year.

The month of registration of users in the leaked data is January 2020, although it is not clear here that a common man has leaked data or it is the act of a hacker. Through this leak, more than 1.5 billion data of about 10 companies is being sold. Most of the data is from companies that were hacked last year. Wishbone was hacked in the year 2017 as well, in which data of 0.2 crore users was leaked.

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