Citra officially became the first 3DS emulator

May 23 2020 05:21 PM
Citra officially became the first 3DS emulator

Android is no stranger to emulators, and there are more of them on the Play Store where you can shake a stick. It is a great platform for this, given how powerful some phones are these days and how flexible Android is with other peripherals. While it's certainly not a mind that we are finally getting an emulator for the Nintendo 3DS on Android. Also, the Citra emulator has been around for some time, at least on the PC side. An Android version is featured more than before.

But with some performance issues and other problems and issues. This build is the first official release from the Citra team that they are legitimately happy to launch on the Play Store. There is an entire blog post detailing Citra's history on Android, including some informal ports and how the development pipeline Has changed over the years to try and change its supported platform list, but keep in mind that these are still relatively new to the world of emulators.

The Citra team recommends at least Snapdragon 835 CPU, and Qualcomm processors fare better than MediaTek or Huawei's other chips. Android 8.0 Oreo is the least software they recommend you run, and unsupported devices can run into obvious performance issues or other graphical issues. Imitation is a fickle thing, and more overhead is always preferred.

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