Video: Pune auto driver wins people's heart, gets Marathi film offer

 Videos of many people go viral on social media these days. Meanwhile, a video is becoming increasingly viral. The video is of the 'Lavani' dance which is being done not by a girl or a woman but by an auto driver. The video of the driver is going viral on social media. The video is of Pune's auto driver who has won the hearts of the famous folk dance Lavani of Maharashtra with his tremendous expressions. The auto driver, identified as Babaji Kamble of Baramati taluka, has been offered a role by director Ghanshyam Vishnupant Yede in Marathi film.'


As soon as the video went viral, people are increasingly giving compliments to the driver. The video has been shared on Twitter by Dayanand Kamble, deputy director, Maharashtra Information Centre, and since then it started trending online. In the caption of the video, he wrote, "Have you ever seen a dance that shames the Lavani empress?" After sharing the video, the officer retweeted the video clip with more information about the auto driver which is tremendous. The video is of 3 minutes 50 seconds but is capable to grab the attention of social media users.

The video has been shot at a gas station. When Babaji Kamble arrived at his auto-filling gas station with his other fellow auto drivers, there was a long line of vehicles. Because of this, one auto driver asked Babaji to show his dance skills. After the request of his friends, Babaji danced to the popular song at the gas station. In this video, you can see the auto driver wore an orange shirt and blue jeans and he is dancing wonderfully to the famous song.

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