Avoiding Omicron Impossible, Variant Finder Warns

Omicron is creating panic all over the world these days. This is a new variant of Corona which was first found in South Africa. In fact, the virologist here Wolfgang Preger had identified most of the omicrons. At the same time, in an interview given to the local media, Professor Wolfgang has given very surprising information about the rapidly increasing cases of Covid-19 and the new variant. Yes and with this he has spoken of a large population being infected with Omicron. Professor Wolfgang warned, 'This new variant is very contagious. It is almost impossible to avoid infection of this variant. Earlier, he had predicted that its cases would soon decrease in South Africa. There, Omicron's cases are now declining rapidly.

Professor Wolfgang cautioned people, 'Omicron may be less dangerous than the earlier strain, but we are still seeing patients dying from this variant.' With this, he said, 'So far this common cold-cold virus has not been proved but the good news is that it is moving in the same direction. However, the bad news is that it will be impossible to avoid infection with such a variant. Apart from this, he also said that, 'We have seen how fast it spreads and how fast the number of its infected increases. He warned that many of its patients are asymptomatic, which work to spread the disease. I would say that in the next few months most of the population will be infected by it. The way cases have increased, the number of people admitted to hospitals is still less.

At the same time, he further said, 'We were very worried that it started here at the time of the festival at the end of November. The high number of serious cases requiring hospitalization was estimated at that time. The good thing is that we have reached its peak and now we are clearly going down the numbers. We also have very low hospitalization rates, we have seen very few serious cases.

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