Ayushmann Khurrana says it's heart-warming thing about the language controversy

It is very difficult to take a break soon on the debate over Hindi language. This has never happened in Indian cinema when there is a rift between the 2 movie industry. At the same time, the way South Movies has been stinging at the box office at the box office, after which the criticism of Bollywood movies has increased among the people. The debate between the South and North industry has started over the Hindi being the national language. On the coming day, no star has presented his opinion on this issue. At the same time, now Ayushmann Khurrana also gave his opinion on this. He has also spoken heartwarmingly on the language controversy.

In the interview, Ayushmann has said- "We can't really put one language at the forefront of india is not that country. We have many languages, religions, regions, communities and castes. Every language is equally important. We need to give equal importance to every language of our nation. He has also asserted that "even though there are many languages, it is important that people's hearts be one." We should focus on this, you should tell about this, who does not know how to speak Hindi from childhood, suddenly it should be told to him that learn Hindi and say this, how it is going to feel. If someone tells me that from today onwards you are going to speak Tamil, I myself will be surprised. Look, this is practice. There is no practical, so we should give priority to every language. If we are watching films in the South, then the language there has been adopted. '

According to the news, Ayushmann Khurrana's upcoming movie 'Many' is based on a serious issue like discrimination against people on the basis of language. The trailer of the movie was launched in which to get to see a glimpse of the language controversy. In this scene of the trailer, Ayushmann was seen sitting in the car and talking to a person. He asks the man why do you think he is from North India. On this, the person says that his Hindi is clean, perhaps because of that. To this, Ayushmann asks that Hindi decides who is from the north and who is from the south? The man is unable to answer this question of Ayushman. '


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