Azam Khan expresses his pain in the election meeting
Azam Khan expresses his pain in the election meeting

Rampur: All the parties have prepared for the bypoll in Rampur. SP leader and parliamentarian from Rampur Azam Khan is also holding election meetings these days and is going through the people and sharing his pain with people. Once again in the election meeting, he put his grief in front of the people by targeting the government and administration of the state and ask for votes for his wife Tanzin Fatima.

Azam Khan also talked about the FIR lodged against him and his family. He said that today me and my family are being targeted. An FIR was lodged against my dead mother. Police dragged 75-year-old sister. Wiping his tears with the handkerchief, Azam Khan said that he has now broken due to the investigation of the case and the police. Azam Khan said that, 'A case of 307 has been filed on us. He said that they are charged for stealing chickens and goats.

In the meeting, he said that we were accused that we stole chickens and goats and told our wife to be a buffalo thief. Questioning the public, he said, tell me how a self-respecting person can live with this feeling, yet I am alive. I am a criminal. I want to see you guys happy.

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