Azam Khan narrates Hitler's story on Independence Day, know what was the story?
Azam Khan narrates Hitler's story on Independence Day, know what was the story?

New Delhi: The 75th anniversary of Independence was celebrated with much fanfare across the country. On the one hand, PM Narendra Modi gave a tremendous speech from the ramparts of the Red Fort. At the same time, Samajwadi Party (SP) leader and sitting MLA Azam Khan gave a big political speech in Rampur. During this, he attacked PM Modi to CM Yogi fiercely. Azam compared the current politics to Hitler.

Azam Khan narrated an incident of Hitler on the occasion of Independence Day. He said that when I was in Germany, I took Hitler's name in a showroom. Instead of selling his goods, the shopkeeper went inside and did not return. I have never seen a picture or a sculpture of Hitler anywhere in Germany. Azam said that Hitler who used to say that we were born to rule the whole world and our own community is the loftiest, today the whole world keeps itself far away from that thinking and that person's name. Even his own country does not want to remember him.

During this, Azam Khan also targeted the development claims made by the government. He said clearly that at this time the politics of hatred is gaining momentum in the country. Hate causes a lot of damage, relationships are deteriorating and tensions are rising everywhere. Recalling his old times, Azam said that he had once said in the House that I would build such a medical college. Which people from all over the world would come to see, but it could not happen and was not allowed to happen. What happened is not hidden from anyone.

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