Baba Ramdev gave this statement on the Drug case going on in Bollywood

Sep 27 2020 03:21 PM
Baba Ramdev gave this statement on the Drug case going on in Bollywood

New Delhi: Bollywood has sparked a debate on drug abuse in the country since the drugs case was revealed. There is a question of whether it is appropriate to have Bhang at festivals and consumption of Chilam by sadhus at Kumbh? In response to this question, yoga guru Baba Ramdev told a news channel, "Punish the chilam or ganja drinkers in Kumbh or anywhere. All these people are addicts, not sadhus. Chilam drinkers cannot be sadhus. Whether anyone is intoxicated, he should be punished."

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Ramdev added, "In the name of festivals, the cannabis drinkers, the gamblers, the ganja drinkers defame their Holi-Diwali festivals. We worship Lord Rama, Krishna, Hanuman. What is our tradition? Our tradition is of divinity. It is not written in any scripture that our ancestors used to be intoxicated. Drug abuse is not a religion, it is a sin."

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Not only that, but Ramdev also talked about punishing the big officers involved in the drug racket. "People who consume, buy, sell and support intoxication should be behind bars in prison," he said.

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