Video: Babar Azam's real face revealed, girlfriend exposed truth with 'Quran' in hand

Islamabad: Pakistan cricket captain Babar Azam has been making headlines all over the world by beating India in a T20 cricket match. Pakistani fans are projecting Babar Azam as an icon. However, Babar Azam has been closely associated with controversies in his personal life. Hamida Mukhtar, who describes herself as Babar Azam's girlfriend, claims that Babar Azam sexually harassed her by promising marriage and is now refusing to get married. Not only that, Hamida claims that she was going to be the mother of Babar Azam's child. According to the report, Hamida has filed a case of torture against Babar Azam in a Pakistani court. Hamida Mukhtar had also claimed in the past that Babar Azam's family had also offered Rs 20 lakh to settle the entire dispute. The proposal from Babar Azam comes at a time when the blackmail and torture case against Babar has reached the Lahore High Court. Hamida said both she and Babar have studied together.


According to Daily Pakistan, Hamida has alleged that Babar Azam sexually harassed her and committed financial fraud. Hamida said she and Babar Azam loved each other and fled home in 2011. The two stayed together in several areas in Lahore, the capital of Punjab. Hamida said the two were teenagers a decade ago when love started between the two. Hamida has also shown several shreds of evidence in her support. With the Holy Quran in her hand, Hamida said that she had fled home in 2011 to get married in court as her family had rejected the Nazi relationship. Babar took me to his friends' house where we both stayed together for several days, Hamida said. I had also stolen jewellery worth Rs 2 lakh from my house to get rid of Babar so that we could have this relationship. I sold my car for Babar Azam and gave him Rs.12 lakhs.

Hamida further said that Babar Azam was not happy with me even after receiving so much money and used to fight me day in and day out. After Babar's change of behaviour, Hamida reached the police post and lodged a complaint against the Pakistani captain. He said Babar Azam continued to sexually abuse her by promising marriage for so many years. She had also said that she was about to become the mother of Babar Azam's child but under pressure from Babar she had to undergo an abortion. Hamida said Babar Azam was not accepting the child.

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