Babita Phogat got angry on the host in Kangana's show 'Lockup', said- "Just stay away from me or else..."
Babita Phogat got angry on the host in Kangana's show 'Lockup', said-

Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut has made her debut on TV. The talk of Kangana's show Lock Up is being talked about everywhere. Looking at the promos of the show, it seems that Kangana, who has always been in controversy, is all set to explode once again. He is also being given a very good response from the people. The new promo of the show (Lock Up New Promo) is becoming increasingly viral on social media. In this promo, there is a lot of debate between Kangana and the show's contestant Babita Phogat.

Babita's reaction on Kangana's question: The new promo video of the Lock Up Show is available to watch. In the video, there is a lot of verbal war between Kangana and Babita. Of course, the show has not started yet, but by looking at the promo, you will be able to guess how controversial it is going to be. Recently, the promo has surfaced, in which Kangana Ranaut is seen asking Babita Phogat that by using her brain she won many medals in the wrestling arena, but why did she use her brain in the arena of politics. did not do. Babita is seen getting furious after hearing this question of Kangana.

In such a situation, he has tried to explain to Kangana in his own style how difficult it can be for Kangana to confront him. Babita has said that the allegations you have leveled against me are completely baseless and wrong. Stay a little bit away from me. Otherwise, I will not take long to beat the washerman. When Kangana heard this answer from Babita's mouth, she looked a bit uprooted. Now the thing to be seen is what turn is this debate going to take.


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