If little baby has cold and cough, try these home remedies

Children are at a higher risk of coughing or cold in the winter season. In such a situation, special care needs to be taken for the children during this period. We all know that children are in very poor health and that is why they are quickly exposed to colds and coughs. Today, we are going to tell you what home remedies can be tried if the child has a cold and cough.

Home remedies if the child gets a cold and cough:

1. Mustard oil- If your newborn is having a cold, add some garlic cloves to mustard oil and cook it on fire. When it cools down completely, massage the baby with it. Tell all of you that mustard oil and garlic have anti-germ properties which give systolic properties to make the child feel very relaxed.

2. Saltwater- If the baby's nose is blocked and he is unable to eat anything because of this, then give the baby lukewarm salt water to get rid of mucus.

3. Drink soup- Hot things are very comfortable in cold cough. In such a situation, if the child is fit to eat and drink, give him a hot vegetable soup during a cold and cough, which will provide a lot of relief.

4. Coconut oil- Add a few drops of camphor powder to coconut oil and heat it, when it is slightly hot, take four to five drops on your palm and massage the baby on the chest. It will benefit him.

5. Honey Intake- Honey has antioxidant and antimicrobial properties that keep children warm. In this case, during colds, children should consume honey and ginger before going to bed at night. However, during this time, it should be noted that the child should be more than one year old.

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