Ban Display of Animal Carcasses in Meat Shops: HC Meghalaya
Ban Display of Animal Carcasses in Meat Shops: HC Meghalaya

SHILLONG: The  High Court of Meghalaya has directed the State government to forbid the display of animal carcasses in meat shops. The High Court passed the order while delivering a judgment on a Public Interest Litigation on Friday.

"The State would do well to set an example and completely prohibit the display of animal carcasses in meat shops, though they may be stored in refrigerators or containers or even in showcases within the premises and not open to public view from outside," the Division Bench led by Chief Justice Sanjib Banerjee said in a judgement.

The State should, "otherwise, ensure ethical treatment of animals across the board, even those which are culled for human consumption and those which are used as farm animals, including the mode and manner of transportation thereof," it said. According to the State, in June 2022, specific steps were taken in this direction, and further orders were issued repeatedly.

The Gau Gyan Foundation, a nonprofit organisation that seeks to save, protect, and preserve cows, filed the PIL. The issue relates to the handling of animals that are killed for human consumption as well as the movement of animals within the State.

The Bench stated that despite there being national laws and regional ordinances, the petitioner had shown that the majority of the standards and rules were not being adhered to and that local level committees were ineffective.

The state will hopefully assure a better ethical treatment of animals, even if they are killed for human consumption, the statement said. The Bench noted that one component still exists: the brazen display of animal carcasses in storefronts, sometimes with pigs' heads chopped in full view. Streetside stores continue with it despite the State taking action after being repeatedly urged to make sure that such displays are restrained and completely forbidden.

In addition to the "hideous" aspect, the meat displayed is likely to gather dirt and dust from the street and could become hazardous even before it is sold, the Bench said.

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