Banana maintains shine of hair, read beauty benefits

Sep 09 2019 06:55 PM
Banana maintains shine of hair, read beauty benefits

A delicious banana is nothing less than a boon for health, skin and hair. It gives energy to the body as well as reduces the damage done to the body with increasing age. Banana not only benefits your skin, it also makes your hair soft and silky. Today we are going to tell some of its benefits.

* Banana is the secret of beautiful skin. This fruit with potassium and moisturizes hydrates dry skin and makes skin soft. Vitamin A present in bananas is very beneficial for the skin.

* By consuming banana every day, it corrects the amount of oil on your face.

* People who are suffering from Pimple problem, they should consume banana daily. Vitamin A, zinc and magnesium present in bananas are good for the skin. By peeling the banana and applying it on the face, the acne is cured and the face glows.

* The antioxidants present in banana reduce the anti-aging effects. It is helpful in reducing wrinkles from the face.

* Banana is also very effective in preventing dandruff. Applying banana mask on your head will give you good results soon.

* Applying banana mask will not only eliminate your dandruff but will also make your hair soft and silky. The silica present in banana is very beneficial for hair.

* The ingredients present in the banana give shine to the hair and it ends your split ends.

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