Bangladesh to be Secular Nation, 'Islam' to be removed from state religion!

Dhaka: One of the reasons behind the increasing incidents of attacks on minority communities, including Hindus, in Bangladesh is the religion-based structure of this country. Before 1972, Bangladesh used to be a secular country, but after that Islam was declared a state religion and minorities were sidelined. Bangladesh is said to have decided to reverse the secular character of its Constitution.

In fact, the Constitution proposed by Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman in 1972 belonged to a secular country. But in 1988, the Constitution was amended to make Islam a state religion in Bangladesh. Since then, radical Islamic groups have dominated Bangladesh. Sources said PM Sheikh Hasina's government has now decided to re-introduce the original 1972 constitution in a direct fight with Islamic extremists. Bangladesh Information Minister Murad Hassan has said that a Constitution Amendment Bill will be introduced in the country's Parliament in this regard. He expressed hope that the Bill will be passed without any opposition.  He said that after this happens, Islam will no longer be the state religion of Bangladesh.

It has been announced once in 2016, but the change has not been made to date. The secular character of the Constitution was abolished through two amendments made during military regimes between 1978 and 1990. Islamic was declared a state religion and began with the tenure of General HM Irshad in the 80s.

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