Bars will be reopened in Hyderabad, have to follow guidelines

Sep 27 2020 07:46 PM
Bars will be reopened in Hyderabad, have to follow guidelines

Due to lockdown bars and renovations in Haiderbad were closed. Now, once a profit bar is six months later and the renovation owners get permission to reopen it. Glasses of clinging once again have been heard in bars, bars and renovations will be reopened in the state from Saturday. However, it is the story only in a few bars, the rest are closed, as managements decided to devote their time to first cleaning the premises and most importantly to store alcohol, beer and wine.

However, immediately after the government announced the lockdown, all the bars had to remove shutters due to the lockdown since March 23, and all the staff returned to their hometown and now they have not returned. According to bar owners, storage is now a major problem, as they returned their beer stocks to wine shops when they reopened in May due to due date issue. With management now taking out all stops to fill their counters with sufficient stock from Telangana State Beverages Corporation Limited (TSBCL) depots, there are also fewer other types of liquor reserves.

However, employers are mandatory to make proper arrangements for proper hygiene at the right interval and also take care of the sitting arrangements as per the guidelines issued. "As consumer safety is of great importance, management has decided to prioritize cleaning and cleanliness from now on," he explained, adding that there are over 1,000 bar-cum-restaurants across the state, of which 190 are in the Twin Cities.

However, it should be noted that not all bars are allowed to reopen. S Manohar Goud, president of Telangana Restaurants and Bar Licenses Association, said, "The first day was only a few bars on Saturday, while some were busy cleaning up. Managements are getting stock from TSBCL depots and setting up chefs and stewards, which may take at least four days for the reopening of all bars and starting business normally, Goud said.

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