Beauty & Health Benefits of eating Dry fruits; can treat Weight management to hair loss

Apr 22 2019 05:15 PM
Beauty & Health Benefits of eating Dry fruits; can treat Weight management to hair loss

Weight management

Keep yourself light weight and full of energy with these dry fruits. You must eat them in right portion so that you do not take extra calorie. You can keep a good stock of dry fruits near you so that you munch some instead of the oily snack. You will gain energy and fiber and a healthy glowing skin. Debility is kept away with these fruits and they are good when you are recovering from any serious disease. Some gives you sexual vigor and others will help in keeping you free from diseases like anemia. Love this diet of dry fruits and keep yourself healthy and beautiful forever.

Hair loss

The dry fruits are important when you want a treatment for hair loss. You will find Almond is a source of keeping away hair problems. This is effective nourishment for the hair and your hair will glow with health if you keep using almond oil in your hair. The luster and shine is back. Messaging the scalp gives relief from headache.

Fiber content

They contain fiber that is generally more than the original fresh fruit. The fiber gives you a cleaner digestive system and thus helps to keep your body light and healthy. These help you to treat intestinal problems and constipation. There are dry fruits like dates, pistachios and raisins that can give laxative effect when eaten after soaking them overnight. The same goes for raisins too and these fruits will help to keep your heart healthy when the digestive system works fine.


The dried fruits also give you a share of anti oxidants. These fruits mostly contain Phenols, which is a group of antioxidant that is found in dry fruits like dates and figs. These help your body to fight cancer, diabetes, degenerative issues that are found in brain, osteoporosis and heart problems.

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Hemoglobin and iron source

These dry and delicious fruits will be a good source of better hemoglobin content in your blood. The Almonds are more effective in this line. They help in making more new blood or its cells and this makes the blood more effective for your body. Unsaturated fat, phosphorus, vitamin B and iron that are found in nuts increase the effective functioning of the organs of the body. Prunes, cashew nuts are high sources of energy. These gives flexible blood vessels and help your body to remain alert.

Control high pressure

These fruits lower the blood pressure. People who have got a higher blood pressure can eat them for effective health conditions. The potassium and magnesium can reduce the acidosis to lower the pressure.

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