These tips will make your black lips pink

In today's time, tanning is the biggest problem. In fact, in today's time, it causes a decrease in the beauty of the skin. Because of this, women start taking measures related to tanning so that their beauty remains. However, sometimes it is of no use. Now today we are going to tell you some such remedies which can make your dark lips pink.

Saffron and milk- The blackness of the lips is also removed by the use of saffron. Actually, mix saffron in raw milk and apply it on the lips at night and go to sleep, wash the face with cold water in the morning.

Beetroot- Cut the beetroot and rub the pieces on the lips or you can apply its juice by mixing it with lemon juice. By doing this every day, the lips become pink and shiny.

Pomegranate- Tanning is also removed by the use of pomegranate juice. Mix it with turmeric and apply it to the lips. After about 15 minutes wash the face with cold water.

Rose Petals- Rose petals are very beneficial to remove tanning of lips. Make a solution by grinding them by adding a little glycerin and apply this solution on the lips every night and go to sleep, wash it in the morning.

Lemon - Rub lemon juice on the lips in the morning and evening. Wash your face with cold water after about 10 minutes. In fact, this tanning is a very effective way to remove it.

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