8 people regretted their mistake changing to Christian, adopted Hinduism again

Ranchi: In Ranchi, the capital of Jharkhand, 8 persons have left Christianity and returned home. At a function organized by the Tribal General Assembly at Sarna Sthal in Kandarkel village of Lapung block, 8 persons from a family who had converted to Christianity were returned home after offering prayers according to Sarna dharma. According to the report, Chaitu Oraon, Khushboo Oraon, Abhishek Oraon, Sushma Oraon, Sanjoti Oraon, Jagani Oraon, Amit Oraon and Aryan Oraon from Kandarkel Dumartoli have again converted to Sarna dharma.

Those who converted to the same Sarna religion were awarded dhotis and sarees on behalf of the Tribal Mahasabha. The villagers were also present in the big statistics at the conversion programme. As a result, all religious rituals were performed by sacrificing the white chicken so that people would not make such mistakes again. Chaitu Oraon, who returned home, said his family was constantly ill. To overcome this problem, he converted to Christianity, but when I regretted what I had done, I decided to return to my religion.

Dev Kumar Dhan, a convener of the same Tribal Mahasabha, said that we are trying to bring them back to their religion those who have left their original religion and migrated to other religions by launching a campaign. Let me tell you that earlier in October this year, 16 people from 3 families who had converted to Christianity returned home to Ranchi. The Jharkhand Adivasi Sarna Vikas Samiti had organized a function and made these persons return home after performing ritual prayers.

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