VIDEO: Man starts barking in front of officer after they wrote 'Kutta' surname instead of 'Dutta'
VIDEO: Man starts barking in front of officer after they wrote 'Kutta' surname instead of 'Dutta'

Kolkata: A strange case has come to light from West Bengal. A video of this case is becoming increasingly viral. In fact, a man here stopped the government official in the middle of the road and started barking like a dog. You will be surprised to know this whole matter. Yes, this happened due to writing the wrong name on the young man's ration card. According to the information received, the name of a person was printed 'Kutta' instead of Dutta on the ration card and he went to the government office several times to fix it, but still, the name was not corrected.

Let me tell you that for this, Srikanta Dutta took out a way of protest. In fact, he stopped the government official's car in the middle of the road and barked like a dog in front of them. In the video, Srikanta Dutta can be seen barking in front of the officer by stopping the officer's vehicle on the road. However, the officer tried to stop him but he kept barking continuously. During this time, the officer did not understand the matter at first, but after understanding the matter, he assured Dutta to correct the mistake. 

According to the information received in this case, Shrikant Dutta, a resident of Bikna panchayat of Bankura-2 block, said, "I had applied for a ration card. When the card came out, it had Srikant Mandal written on it instead of Shrikant Dutta. When I applied for correction, this time the ration card had Srikant Kumar Kutta written instead of Srikanta Dutta. Despite repeated requests for correction, corrections have not been done so far. That's why he took this path.'' Not only this, Srikanta Dutta called it a "social insult". Yes and he said that the government employee should be punished for such an act. At present, the video of this time is becoming fiercely viral on social media.

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