Best Off Road Vehicles That You Can Also Drive Every Day
Best Off Road Vehicles That You Can Also Drive Every Day

The truth is that it is difficult to create such a list because of the fact that off-road vehicles are nowadays much better than they used to be. Just a few years ago, you had to choose between vehicles that had really great off-roading capabilities but were horrible to drive in a city environment and cars that were a breeze to drive in the city and horrible when taken off-road. Nowadays, the choices you have are much better because most off-road vehicles also offer handling that is suitable for the city. However, some models do instantly stand out as better than others. This is what we will focus on right now.

Land Rover Defender

The Latest Version of the Land Rover Defender solved many of the problems that plagued this off-road giant in the past. It moved to brand new monocoque construction, which was a controversial decision. Most people think thought that this would lead to an off-road giant that would simply not be good when off-roading. This was not the case. The Land Rover Defender offers a really good value for the money you pay. It has a high ground clearance and a strong engine. At the same time, handling is very pleasant and you will have no problems even when you have to deal with tight parking spaces.

Toyota Land Cruiser

This is another huge icon in the off-roading industry. Historically, this was a very popular vehicle in Australia but it is right now a huge hit all around the world. There are even special extended warranty packages offered for it, like with olive's What makes the Toyota Land Cruiser really interesting is that you can choose out of different engines and many specs that can make your driving experience so much better in the city than you initially think. Handling is compared by reviewers as similar to the SUVs from Mercedes-Benz and Audi, which is quite a statement in itself. Mechanical dependability is very high and you simply cannot go wrong with this choice. This is true off-road and on city streets.

Land Rover Discovery

It should not be a surprise that we mention two models from Land Rover. At the end of the day, the automaker is renowned for offering great choices to those that need both off-roading and city driving. In fact, some reviewers consider this to be the best off-roading vehicle you can buy right now. When off the road, the Land Rover Discovery is very competent. Road manners are wonderful and you are faced with a great all-round package you will not find anywhere else. The only real problem with the Land Rover Discovery is that the interior design is not at all modern. It surely needs some revitalizing. Also, the powertrain could be more efficient. Hopefully, such improvements are going to appear with the following version of the vehicle. If this happens and the competition does not improve, this will be the best off-roading vehicle everyone will talk about. 

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