Uttar Pradesh: Woman along with her lover killed her sister-in-law

Jul 02 2020 03:40 PM
Uttar Pradesh: Woman along with her lover killed her sister-in-law

In today's time, crime cases are increasing in the whole nation. Now the matter which has come up recently is from Siddharthnagar. In the Sanskrit college located at Ekdehwa village in Siddharthnagar district will shock everyone. According to the information received, on the evening of 25 June, the body of a young woman was found and now that case has been revealed. In this case, a young man from the village and brother-in-law of the deceased have been arrested and sent to jail on charges of murder.

Speaking in this case of murder, SP Vijay Dhul says that this murder happened due to love affair. The deceased woman's lover and sister-in-law have murdered her. Police say that Abdul Rahman's affair was with the deceased young girl Gunjan and his sister-in-law Renu and due to this, the murder was committed. In this case, sister-in-law brought Gunjan from home on the night of June 25 to school premises outside the village, and then together with lover Abdul Rahman, she strangled and murdered Gunjan.

It is reported that Abdul Rahman's had a love affair with Gunjan first and after that, he also had a relationship with her sister-in-law Renu. Gunjan did not like this thing and thought about telling her brother. After that, the sister-in-law planned to kill her and along with the lover murdered her and threw the body in a schoolroom.

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