If Luck is not supporting then do these remedies in the month of Bhadra!

Aug 21 2019 06:26 PM
If Luck is not supporting then do these remedies in the month of Bhadra!

All of you will be aware that from 16th August, the sixth month of the Hindu calendar, that is, the month of Bhadra, has begun, which is going to last till 14th September. According to astrology, this month of Bhadra is called Bhadrapad. On the other hand, the most important festivals and festivals of Hinduism are the ones that make this month more special.

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One of the biggest festivals of the month is Janmashtami and Ganesh Chaturthi. Yes, the whole country celebrates these two festivals with great fanfare and the festival of Shri Krishna and Ganapati ji is considered to be the main festival in Bhado. At the same time, whoever takes various measures related to these two in Bhadrapad etc. starts benefiting in their lives. Now today we're going to tell you some of the tips you should take.

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1. For good health, one should go to Lord Krishna's temple in Bhado and donate milk because it is believed that doing so relieves all health-related problems.

2. If luck is being cheated repeatedly at every turn of life, then the whole month of Bhadra should go to the Srikrishna temple and offer white flowers and then place other flowers offered there in his pocket.

3. If you are stuck in a debate without any meaning, you should place Mawa on the belt and offer it on the Shivling this month to get out of it, as this will remove the dispute from you.

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4. In order to get promotion and progress in the field of employment, Lord Krishna should enjoy kheer as much as possible in the month of Bhadra and also distribute it to the kheer people.

5. It is said that in order to improve the business, Lord Krishna should be offered a white thread and then wear the thread around his neck.

6. To overcome the shortage of funds called should establish conch shells inside the house.

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