Photographer asks Salman to lip lock Bhagyashree, actor gives this answer
Photographer asks Salman to lip lock Bhagyashree, actor gives this answer

Bhagyashree and Salman Khan, who is known in Bollywood as Dabangg Khan, must have seen the film 'Maine Pyar Kiya'. In this film, both worked together for the first time. Their pairing with this film was also a big hit, but sadly, after the success of this film, their pair never appeared together again. Salman has become a well-known face of Bollywood today, while Bhagyashree has been absent from the screen since this film. She is returning to the screen and will be seen in the biopic of late Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalithaa.

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The shooting is still stalled due to the lockdown, but she has made a big disclosure about a photoshoot during an interview. Recently, she told in an interview given to a website that a photographer had asked Salman to hold her and smooch. She said that "a photographer wanted to take some hot pictures of her and Salman." Before the shoot, he took Salman to the side and asked her to hold and smooch. She was surprised to hear that." Not only that, but Bhagyashree said" She was scared. But listening to Salman Khan's answer, she breath sigh of relief.

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She told that "Salman refused to do this to the photographer. He said that he would not do anything like this without Bhagyashree's permission." Bhagyashree became happy after hearing this and she felt safe working with Salman Khan.

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