Lucknow resident manufactured bike that runs on air

Aug 27 2020 10:25 AM
Lucknow resident manufactured bike that runs on air

New Delhi: The rising prices of petrol and diesel in the country have been a cause of trouble, meanwhile, the bike running on air has been in the limelight. Its pictures are becoming viral on social media. The speciality of this bike is that it runs with air pressure. Not only this, but it is also being claimed that this bike can travel 45 km by filling it with air. This bike runs on air, the information was given by the Director-General (Technical) of the School of Management Sciences. Bharat Raj Singh has developed. He is a resident of Lucknow.

Bharat Raj Singh told that air is filled in the cylinder present in this bike. Normal air is filled in its cylinder. The cost of filling the air in this bike is only 5 rupees. The bike can travel 45 kilometers at this cost. Its speed is 70–80 km per hour. People are enjoying this new type of bike very much. Prof. Bharat Raj Singh is also very excited about this technique. On the other hand, people say that such a bike can prove to be a boon amidst rising prices of petrol and diesel.

Pro. Bharat Raj Singh said, 'In 2008 I sent it to be patented. It has been patented for 10 years. Now this bike will be made under Make in India. On 22 June 2010, America flashed it in front of 192 countries through different media.

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